What we do

The goal is to support art as a way of enriching life experience.

Cockayne (also spelt Cockaigne): a fabled land of great luxury and ease. References to ‘Cockayne’ were especially prominent in medieval European literature where writers contrasted the harshness of everyday life with this imaginary land where rivers flowed with wine, houses were built of cake and barley sugar, streets were paved with pastry, and shops gratuitously gave goods to everyone. In more recent times the British composer Elgar composed the ‘Cockaigne Overture’, described as a 'splendidly evocative picture of Edwardian London’. Commissioned by and first performed at the Royal Philharmonic Society in 1901, the work was dedicated to Elgar’s 'many friends, the members of British orchestras’.

Cockayne currently supports a wide variety of arts-related projects in San Francisco and in London.

San Francisco

Grant giving in San Francisco is entirely discretionary and initiated by the foundation’s Directors.

London: Cockayne Grants for the Arts

Cockayne provides funding for arts projects in London by means of a UK based donor-advised fund (DAF). An open grant application round is held once a year.

The Grant deadline is currently scheduled for mid/ late-July, with grant application assessment by Cockayne staff, Arts Committee and Board in the Summer/ Autumn. Following its deliberations, Cockayne provides grant recommendations to the Board of the UK DAF in early December for final decisions and grant announcement by the following February for projects beginning no sooner than the following Spring (April onwards).

For further information about current grant priorities please click here.

Click here to apply to Cockayne Grants for the Arts in London.

For examples of grants awarded from the Cockayne Grants for the Arts donor advised fund, please click on the year in question: